Saturday, January 28, 2006

Random Acts of Kindness

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It's a pretty magnolia flower, just about finished blooming. I had no intention of posting photos today. Intead i had intended to ask for advice from my blogging friends about a situation i am having with work colleauges and my boss. Alas i am saving this for a post next week as i am feeling rather weary and want to rest my foot.
I hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend, and just a thought for you to ponder on.....Anne was tagged to do a "Random Act of Kindness" post and is tagging those who wish to play along, so i figured i would give it a go and of course would love to hear all of yours :o)

So, what random acts of kind do i commit on a regular basis? Lets see, i guess the main would be work related. I am forever being told by the powers that be (my boss) not to get close to my clients OR go out of my way to keep in contact, OR provide extra help. I say "bullshit" i will help as i see fit. If i feel the kids are suffering, parents not coping with their kid having to give evidence, anything i can do to make the court process easier to deal with, i will do it. If that means extra contact with the kids or their families i will. Yes, it has got me into trouble once or twice before......well hell, look at the industry i work in, full of fruitcakes! I will always hold a door open for others to walk through, and always apologise if someone knocks into me! LOL why is that, i never did anything?!! I always make myself available to mentor first year Criminology students.
I shall pass the baton onto all of you and look forward to your random acts of kindness :)

till next time, Michelle.


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