Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Strike a Light!

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Well as you can see from the above photo, we've had some wild and wooly weather lately! Funny, living in the tropics the wild weather usually begins around 4 in the afternoon and goes right through the night till 6am. We had nearly 2,000 strikes in 6hours.....was certainly impressive!

My baby is back at school. I went in with her yesterday and carried some of her books and met her new teacher, both "A" and her teacher were very excited about the year ahead. I cross examined her when i picked her up, she had a tremendous first day back, and she proceeded to tell me that one of their projects will be Business and Enterprise studies.........hang on this kid is only 10 and in 6th grade! Each kid must choose a small business to start, they will be taught about profit/loss....accounting......marketing etc. All 20 kids in her class will then take their business to the local Sunday market and try and sell their product! Should be very interesting, main thing is "A" is busting to begin :)

I had a funny time on the phone today. You all know how i'm still on holidays, but i'm not really because my boss keeps referring cases to me, well i had been trying to get hold of a detective that is involved in one of my matters. To cut a long story short, he left a message on my mobile phone and home phone and asked if i could call him back. I wrote the number down and later on during the day i called it. Nope......police station had the answering machine on...ggrrrr. Tried a few times same thing. My last attempt was toward the end of the afternoon. An elderly lady answered!! Errrrr, i think i may have the wrong number, i'm terribly sorry, i said. No problem said the lady, and we hung up. I dialled the number again.....same little old lady!! How can this be......its the same number i'm always using!!! I chatted with the old lady for over half an hour about anything and everything......she was so cute! I promised her i wasn't a stalker, just a big dummy who had no idea why the little old lady wasn't a male detective! Oh brother...........LOL.

till next time, Michelle.


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