Monday, January 16, 2006

As the sun goes down

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Firstly before i forget, i just wonder if those of you with AOL email addresses are having problems. I have had this occur months ago, and it appears to be occuring yet again. If i comment on your blogs, even though the comment appears, i then recieve an email from blogger saying there were problems. It appears to be all AOL addresses, just thought i'd pass the message on :o)
While i am on the blogging bandwagon, is it my imagination.....Blogroll appears to be updating when comments are left, as well as when a new post has been put up. For the last week my blogroll has shown many have updated, i go to update. So then i think hmmm, ok i may be early, go back in half an hour.....nada! I then realise, someone else has left a comment! I promise i haven't had a drop of alcohol either!
I just finished watching the premiere of "Supernatural". I'm normally not one for horror such as this, but it has me quite captivated. I wonder if any of you are also watching it?
I took "A" to the movies to see "Nanny McPhee". We both enjoyed it immensely. What i didn't enjoy was the price. We have a number of cinemas here, the one i took "A" to is the most expensive, it cost me $38AU for the 2 of us, including a drink and popcorn......i smuggled a bottle of water in my bag as they charge $5!!! A friend of mine and her hubby took their 3 boys, it cost them $78Au, including food. The cinema i try to go to is a privately owned one, and it usually costs me $24AU including popcorn and a drink, for "A" and myself.
All this makes me realise the bargain i am getting with my dvd library membership. It costs me $30 a month for unlimited borrowing. I can borrow 1 dvd a month or 101 a month....for $30. Limit is 4 at a time. I wonder if the rest of the world is being ripped off by exhorbatant movie prices?
till next time, Michelle.


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