Sunday, January 15, 2006

Weekend Over

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Well this seems so unfair. It's my evening here, Monday tomorrow, and you all have an extra day! I shouldn't complain it's just that today for some reason, has gone ever so quickly. I hope you like the colors in this photo as much as i do, it's rare the sky produces such a color.
I have a few things floating around in my head today. This first one really irritates me. I know a number of you have already read "A Million Little Pieces" by James Frey. I am in the process of finishing it at the moment. I have enjoyed every little bit of it, and have recomended the book to a number of others in search of a good read. Well, a few days ago in one of our newspapers, it was revealed and alleged that the book was not all it was made out to be, infact James Frey had embellished the whole thing and in reality the book was a work of Fiction, not Non Fiction. The Smoking Gun website also reveals police reports and other pretty damning evidence against Frey. I find this so sad as the book was originally going to be published as a work of Ficton, he then at the 11th hour changed his mind and it was published as Non Fiction. I know it's not the first time something like this has happened, and i know it will again. But i suppose there is a reason why we all distinguish between the 2 categories.
As i said, i am just about to finish it and knowing much of it is bull, saddens me. I feel cheated because i have recomended the book to others. I wonder what you all feel about this? If you all were on the last few chapters of a book you really loved, would you be angry and cheated if you found this information?
A few days ago i was visiting someone in hospital who had undergone minor surgery. I was so saddened by the amount of elderly people in hospital who appeared to have no one visiting them. To have surgery is a frightening enough experience as it is with friends and family support, but to have no body to hold your hand so to speak, and reassure, must be so dreadful.
I know there must be young people too that go through this type of experience also. Got me to thinking, i wonder if there is a "hospital support" network thing at the hospitals here? It wouldn't be difficult to set up, all the admin people would have to do is include a section on the hospital forms you fill out prior to your operation. "Do you have a support person? Would you like us to provide you with one"?
Oh well, just thought.
A few days back "Ruby" tagged me for a "3 things you may not know about me"meme.
Apologies Ruby for my slackness, but i am here now!!

#1 When i buy a newspaper or magazine, i like to be the first to read it before anyone else comes along!
#2 I have my belly button pierced!
#3 I can't ride on those scary rollercoasters anymore, they make me ill!!

till next time, Michelle.


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