Sunday, January 08, 2006

When the Sun Comes Up

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When the sun made her appearance this morning, i just knew we were in for a scorcher of a day. I wasn't wrong. By 7am it was already 33C (95F), by 9am it was 35C and 100% humidity. Even though i have lived in Northern Australia for 16 years, it's still difficult to get used to this kind of heat, day in day out. When it gets like this, its usually because a cyclone is looming further north ( dare i say that "C" word...still 3 months left of the "C" season), or we are in for one hell of a down pour of rain. Neither of these things look to be happening anytime soon.
Many parts of Oz have been on water restrictions for a long time, my city has been fortunate and it is only as recent as Friday this week, gone on to severe water restrictions.
This would be the 2nd time in 16 years i have gone through a season of restrictions. Resrtictions mean the "Water police" LOL....yes it's true, we have water police! They drive slowly around in their in conspicuous cars, peering into peoples gardens and properties searching for those who are violating the restrictions. Heaven help if your caught with your hoses and sprinklers on after 7.30am.....$150 fine! Fortunately for me, i have a well that i can pump water to my gardens and lawn with. This however does cause problems in itself. If the water police notice garden sprinklers on they still come and harass me wanting to see for themsleves that i do indeed have a well. Nosey neighbors are another problem. They see you watering and automatically think your violating the code and call the water police!!! I've thought about putting a sign out the front saying "well water in use", but then i figured i could do with some amusement and wait for the shi* to hit the fan so to speak, when they come and inspect my water usage and find it is indeed well water!! A wasted trip = nosey neighbor in the pooh!
My blog weather pixie is still in her bikini.......i'm going to run off and join her, happy weekend all :o)

till next time, Michelle.


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