Thursday, January 05, 2006

Litigation........would you sue?

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The photo above is one of my most favorite bay's to swim and snorkel in here, i think i'd have given anything to be there today. Not that i had a bad day, i didn't, infact it was rather sucessful and productive..................i worked!! Yes i worked one full day, it was ok i was able to do it all from home, lots of paperwork, lots of phone calls, lots of emails and now i am all organised for my return to work in 4 weeks.
I have a number of things running through my head.....i'm always thinking, i can't help it, my mind never stops. I have had some very late nights the last few nights. I've gone to bed and put the tv with the intention of watching the 10pm news. I watch the news but then the last few nights there have been documentary's on that i have been fully engrossed in; by the time i turn the light out its after midnight! One documentary was on 9/11.....questioning whether it was a conspiracy etc. Another was a trial of a young black man accused of murder and how the DA tried to expose 2 bent cops.....fascinating stuff. I was hoping tonight i would crash by's 10pm...ooops.
One thing i have tucked away inside my head is the tragedy of the 12 miners killed in the explosion in West Virginia. How horrific it must be to be told your loved one has died, then to be told they're alive, then to be told they're dead again. I hope i am never in the position of something similar. If i am, i wonder if sueing would be something that would come straight into my head. The reports i saw late last night were live. I saw and heard a number of women absolutely furious, adamant that were going to sue the International Coal Group (the mines owners). I really have to question this reaction. What is it that people wish to achieve by litigation. As i sit here now, i would like to think if i were in that position, sueing would not even enter my head. I am sure i would be grief stricken, probably angry.
A huge breakdown in communication, they really screwed up big time, they also realise that. Am i being unreasonable by frowning upon those with thoughts of revenge?
Suing in Australia has increased in popularity over the last few years, however we are not known as a litigeous nation. For sure we've had a few ridiculous claims, but these are few and far between. So friends, place yourself in the tragic situation, would the thought of sueing enter your head so soon......without or before an independant inquiry into the explosion?


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