Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Strange but True 2005

As the year draws to a close, not only did we see our fair share of natural disasters, but we also experienced the unusual and crazy.

1. Police in Newcastle, Australia, reported a spate of frozen chickens smashing into house roofs with great force. They suspected a prankster with a powerful catapault!

2. In Japan, police were so upset to hear a student who was caught up in a traffic accident had to get to an important exam that they gave him a full escort with sirens, arriving with 10 mins to spare!

3. A Chinese company tried to sell real estate on the moon!

4. A museum refused to sell copies of a baord game based on the real life theft of its most famous painting "The Scream"

5. The Vigin Atlantic airline said it was setting up a frequent flyer club called "Flying Paws", intitial members were 4 dogs and a cat, humans need not apply!

6.The German interior ministry said that people being snapped for ID photographs should no longer smile because it messed up their biometric recognition technology!

7. A Los Angeles taxi driver found a pouch containing $350,000 US worth of diamonds left in his cab. The driver handed them into police.

8. A German inventor had the idea of placing specially adapted mobile phones in the coffin of the dead. That way relatives could call up and speak to the dead without having to leave home!

9. A man and a woman held in opposing prison cells in Turkey made a hole in the wall so they could have sex. They managed to produced one child had had their prison sentence extended by 4 months for damaging property!!

till next time, Michelle.


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