Friday, January 06, 2006


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The smell of the summer jasmine was so potent this morning as i breathed the perfume in whilst collecting the mail from the letterbox.
No change in our weather i'm afraid as water restrictions tighten even further, i am thankful i have a well to pump water into the garden so everything is still lush and green.
I was rather surprised to open a lovely card from my boss this morning. It said how appreciative of me the firm was, how much they rely on me and how grateful they were that i would give up bits of my holiday to help them out. It's so nice to feel and be told you do a good job, i wish more people would express themselves, it takes nothing and can make the reciever feel so wanted :o)
I took "A" out for lunch today, she was becoming stir crazy! We had a lovely lunch together, and were able to chat and solve the worlds problems. We then visited a bookstore (my most favorite thing to do) and were lucky enough to pick up a couple of bargains. I was able to refrain from spending too much. "A" kept finding books she really liked and had both arms full at one stage before i had to march her on back and pick one or two from a stack of 12.
Whilst paying for our treasures, i saw some Suduko books for $2. Sadly, i have no logic inside my skull however "A" is blessed with her fathers gift of logic and maths. She is quite good at solving Suduko puzzles, i couldn't resist at that price so i brought her one. As i said, i can't do them.......well i can, but become frustrated very quickly forcing me to look the answer up at the back! Tonight i sat with "A" and we did a puzzle together, a 10yold putting her 42yold mother to shame *sigh*!
Tomorrow is my weekend. Apart from keeping cool, nothing too much is planned. Enjoy your last day of the week, most of all, enjoy your weekend :)

till next time, Michelle.


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