Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Memememe Again!

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Wow, what a storm! I hate it when it rains like it has done the last few days. My home is not new, and the roof has some leaks in it, nothing too bad, but they are there. I have a skylight that runs the whole width of the house in the rumpus room dowstairs, it has a couple of leaks also, thankfully the leaves in the gutters were cleaned out recently, so the storms over the last 2 or 3 days have not mattered too much.
Lois, sorry, i was not going to stand out in the middle of the beach whilst a lightening strike was on just to take photos LOL. You'll have to trust me when i say, it's not always such a great place to live......very true this time of year.

Ok, i have been tagged by two lovely ladies
Meow and
here goes......................

Four jobs i have had in my Life
1. I worked in a printing firm with my mother as my boss ........i didn't last long!
2. I worked as a floor sweeper in a machinist factory........i lasted one day!
3. I worked for a school photographer.......lasted a year but was fired for being too tidy!
4. I worked as a Supermarket Dept Manager for Safeway for 10 years.
The above are all the jobs i have ever had before getting into Law.

Four Favorite Foods..........(only 4?)
2. Is Coffee a food?

Four Favorite Tv Shows
1 House
3 Will & Grace
4 The Shield

Four Favorite Websites visted Daily

Four Places You would rather be Now
1 Port Douglas
2 Seychelles
4 Greek Islands

Four Places you've been on Vacation
1. Cook Islands
2.New Zealand
3. Barossa Valley
4. Ayres Rock

Four Movies You Could Watch Over
1 Saw
2 Green Mile
3 Shawshank Redemption
4 Madagascar

Four Places I have Lived
1 Middle Park, Victoria, Australia
2 Wantirna South, Victoria, Australia
3 Point Leo Surf Beach, Victoria, Australia
4 Annandale, North Queensland, Australia

I am supposed to tag 4 others, however i know many of you loathe mememe's, so those who enjoy feel free to pinch!

till next time, Michelle.


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