Thursday, January 19, 2006

Four Favorites!

It's "MEMEME" time again, this time i have been tagged by Dale

Four Things you Like about Spring
1.The weather is perfect, cool nights,warm days.
2.My orchids are blooming.
3.Fruit begins to appear on the avacado and mango trees.
4.We get the odd spot of rain.

Four Things you Like about Summer
1.Air Conditioning
2.Summer Fruits..mmm strawberries...peaches...grapes...nectarines & cherries.
4.More Air Conditioning!

Four Things you like about Autumn
1. I can turn off the air conditioning!
2.My Birthday!
3.University goes back.
4.Cyclone threats have gone.

Four Things you Like about Winter
1.Nights never get colder than 5C lets see around 38F.
2.Whilst everyone else is freezing their arse in the Southern States, i am still in short sleeves!
3.The garden looks beautiful
4.No humidity.

Four US cities You'd Visit in a heartbeat
1.New York
3.Los Angeles
4.A State that was close to the Canadian border so i could run over and say hi to my Canadian blog friends!

Four Funniest Movies
1.Bad Santa
3.Something About Mary
4.Wedding Crashers

Four tear jerker Movies
1.50 First Dates
3 & 4...really to be honest, i am such a girl, i cry in tv commercials LOL, so nearly all movies i watch make me cry!

Four Romantic Songs
1.She will be Loved..Maroon 5
2.Better Be Home Soon...Crowded House
3.Landslide....Stevie Nicks
4.Heaven Help My heart....Tina Arena

Four Songs that make you Happy
1.Soak up the Sun....Sheryl Crow
2.Now i can Dance...Tina Arena
3.Catch my Disease...Ben Lee
4.Rain King.....Counting Crows

Four Favorite Groups/Singers
1.Missy Higgins
2.Ben Lee
3.Counting Crows
4.Fleetwood Mac

Four Fav Tv Shows
1. House
3. Law and Order...Criminal Intent
4. Desperate Houswives

Four Things you Love about where you Live
1.No Crime
2.Laid Back lifestyle

Four things you do not like about where you live
1.30 mins from Court
2.20 mins from a decent shopping centre
3.People think because they live here, being so far out of town in a closed community, gives them carte blanche to do what they loud music...dogs run free
4.Delivery charges if i want something delivered.

Four Favorite Meals
3.A great BBQ.

Now i think i am supposed to pass the baton on to 4 unsuspecting souls, however rather than be abused i shall leave it open for you all to steal it!!!

till next time, Michelle.


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