Thursday, January 19, 2006

We Survived!

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Well i behaved myself and didn't pick "A" up at some ungodly hour in the morning! I arrived on their doorstep at 10 am, to raucus laughter and giggling........a good sign! The birthday boys mother greeted me smiling, reassuring me everything went well. I followed the laughing to find "A", and the birthday boy with 2 other boys making a short home movie on the birthday boys camera! Amazing, i still have not figured out how to do that on my own camera yet an 11 yold boy is an expert! They were running round the house pulling faces and acting up, when finished they'd plug the camera into the computer, all sit down and play it all back! Then, they'd do it all over again!
So what was the overall damage? A few cuts on "A"s feet from the rocks in the creek (she told me the water only came up to her knees) and a bruised leg and knee, but we've forgotten how they came to be, although we think it was when they were running round outside in the dark playing hide and seek!
So on the way home i got the whole run down of the last 24hrs, who did what etc. So, she had a blast :o) so much so, she fell asleep in the afternoon for 2 hours!
So what's on my adgenda today? Well, "A" goes back to school next week after having her 6 week holiday break, so i think i may take her to the water park in town today, perhaps a visit to the library as well. This 6 weeks has gone awfully fast, can't believe i will have silence in the house next week.

till next time, Michelle.


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