Friday, February 10, 2006

Hospital Treatment.......yes/no?

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Following on from my post on what constitutes an "assassination over a murder", i believe that "we" were/are on the right track with regards to politics, however most people use the term when talking of "famous" people. I have a great link here at Wikipedia. They discuss in detail and also mention the difficulty in defining assassination, the terrorism analogy is used as an example.
Ok, i have new topic for you to think about. Next week marks my official back to work. Today i spent preparing paperwork, organising client visits, chasing up court dates and chatting with a colleauge. After comparing our case load, disscussing clients etc, the conversation changed to this...............................JUST HOW WORTHY DOES A CONVICTED CRIMINAL HAVE TO BE BEFORE HE/SHE IS GIVEN HOSPITAL ATTENTION...IE, AN OPERATION....A LIFE SAVING OPERATION.
Is a White collar criminal more deserving of hospital treatment than a murderer??
Is a armed robber more worthy than a pedophile??
We do not have capital punishment here in Australia, however i am aware that certain American States still carry the death penalty, wether it be by lethal injection, electric chair etc..Question.....If a prisoner on death row had a heart attack...brain tumor, or a condition that was life threatening, would you agree the State spend money on hospital treatment for this prisoner..........he's going to die anyway right???

Just so you know, here's my opinion. I as joe blogs person in the street, say don't give any of them treatment, i do not distinguish between the crimes. Ok, now my professional legal hat goes on, and i must admit, i think i lean towards this opinion even more so than my "joe blogs" tugs at me more, believes that ALL prsioners deserve hospital treatment, again i don't distinguish between crimes. I also believe a prisoner on death row deserves hospital treatment. I have faith in the criminal justice system to get it right in the end.

So my blog friends, your thoughts?
till next time, Michelle.


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