Tuesday, February 21, 2006

This & That

Well, all went well at our little water park outing today. I sit here still damp....well my shorts are, from that bucket of water! Absolute perfect weather too...34C. Of course it was a special treat for the kids in "A"s class, who also earned a home made ice cream cone afterwards. All the kids in her class have been working very hard in class and out, with this Enterprise project. I know i mentioned it a few weeks back. The kids were given a virtual empty shop, anywhere they liked and could use it to start their business. "A" decided on a coffee shop. She had to design uniforms....brochures...posters...advertising, marketing, bussiness cards,letterhead and a million other things. She's had to work on this, plus learn 30 spelling words, long division maths and times table for homework every day!!! So as you can imagine the kids are worn out!! As horrified as i am re the amount, "A" has really enjoyed being master of her domain! It really has held her interest, and according to her teacher, the rest of the 22 kids are also enjoying it. Her teacher is 27 and a male, i have watched him interact with the kids before.....he's one tough cookie let me tell you! But fair. Flipping through "A"s homework book and Enterprise book, his comments are fabulous, and really mean something. He rewards as well as punishes when sees fit. "A" is very lucky to have him.
I'm not too sure how much you all know or have heard of the "Bali 9"? These 9 knuckleheads were caught red handed trying to smuggle an insane amount of heroin into or out of Bali. The 9 are Australians. Well they've all faced the judges and minmum term is life, with 2 recieving the death by firing squad. All 9 have appeals pending. Which brings me to the differences in jails and treatment in Bali compared to Australia. The Bali 9 celebrated xmas with a private party complete with roast meats, plum pudding! They now dine on gourmet sandwhiches. Money can bring anything you want to "Kerobokan Prison". it can even buy privacy for sex with spouses.
Prisoners can have their own mobile phones, if you have around $140 Au you can buy a day of shopping with a gaurd, or a day at the beach! Many prison cells are adorned with tv's, dvd players, own mattresses, mats, scented candles, cooking fascilities. Visiting hours are also relaxed, time is money! In Australia most prisons inmates get an hour a week.
Heavens, why would you want to serve time back home?


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