Friday, February 17, 2006

Summer Days

This is a favorite photo of mine taken a number of years ago now. I used to live at this beach probably around 15 years ago now. It's much different to where i live now, the beach in this photo would have some fabulous sized waves just meant for surfing in :) The beach i live at now only seems to get great waves in Winter!

My day went very well indeed. Whilst away from court since mid December, the elves had been working away very hard. New front doors for both County and Magistrates Courts. An airport type security structure for both court buildings too, and i am proud to say yes indeed i did make it beep with my shoes!! Sadly this means an end to live "rats" in the court room :(
An elf mounted the TV/DVD(my firm donated) on the wall in the waiting room, and the baliffs and security staff all have new desks and pretty spiffy new bits of security.
Shall fill you in on my day tomorrow, i really am buggered hence the short post.
Yaaaaaaaay my weekend begins, both "A" and myself are off to the hairdressers for new hair in the morning. So do you have ay special weekend plans?


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