Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth

Ithought i'd sneak one last photo of my Sunday night in as i really loved the lights heading up the hill.

Well, what a whinger...complainer i am. I sound like an ungrateful slob in that post below.....i shudder.

If there is one thing i promised myself i would not bitch and moan and ave negative posts, well that one below......is a shocker and i apologise if i've made your day miserable by doing so.
The trouble with me is, i am a, or try to be, a perfectionist. In many areas i succeed very well, in others i come close, and in others, well i try my best but i know i will never be perfect. This goes for all apects of my life. Which brings me back to work. So now i am officially back and of course up to my neck in work = neglect a bit of house work. Living with a high mainteinance garden does not help either, and the damn heat is really getting to me. When i do have a spare few minutes to get housework done or time in the garden, it's just too hot. I don't do 35C very well, day in day out 7 days a week for months on end. Of course University starts back in 2 weeks time and that just adds to the pressure, not that i don't enjoy my studies, i do immensely, but lordy lord, there just aint enough hours in my day!! Ok i shall put an end to the complaining.
So i spent the morning interviewing my clients for my first court case of the year this Friday. These kids witnessed their mother's and elder sister's participation in the child abduction.................as you can imagine, the kids are real popular with their mother!!!! Infact, they are living at home with mum whilst the court case is pending. Funny, "A" asked what i was working on, so i explained to her all the details. I then asked her if she saw me do anything wrong and had to go to court and testify against me, what she'd do? She said "I'd tell the truth" i said, even if it meant mummy would go to jail? "Yes, i still would, because you have to tell the truth when you go to court and if you were silly and naughty and did something wrong, then you have to be punished". Then i asked, "OK", what if mummy said "A", i want you to lie about what you really saw", what would you do then? "I wouldn't lie mum", "but i'd tell you i would just in case you were really really angry and started yelling at me", "when i got there though i would tell the truth"!! LOL.......smart girl!! I then told her once i got out of jail she better start running!!!
Funny, you may or may not have heard about the Australian arressted in America.....i think Texas, for tapping a person on the shoulder in a movie theatre, asking them to stop chatting on their mobile phone! Supposedly, the aussie asked numerous times for this person to be quiet, that they were disrupting the movie. In the end, the aussie leaned over and tapped them on the shoulder and said to go outside if they want to use the phone! Next thing they were arressted for assault LOL. I will try and find more info out if i can, it did occur last week apparently.
So, have you ever asked someone to quit talking whilst the movie is on?
I admit i have, a few times! Mainly teenage kids though. I can't stand it when someone is trying to explain to someone next to them the movie plot or why a certain thing happened...drives me mental.......sssssssssshhhhhhhhhh!!!
till next time, Michelle.


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