Monday, February 13, 2006

I Don't Like Monday's

My first day back at work.........urghhhhhhhhhh, and the day just got worse and worse. I have a very busy week meeting with clients, and the next month is just bedlam with a full week of court inbetween. Yeah sure, i knew this was coming, but after so long off work, and probably stressed to the max prior to going on holiday, it just feels like i have never been away :(
I am working on a child abduction case at the moment, the kid in question is safe and back where she belongs, but i'm stuck with the accused,the co accussed and her kids who are witnesses. Joy o joy!
I need a day or 2 off already LOL.....i also want a chef....a house cleaner.....a ironing lady.......a massusse........a PHD student in Criminology/Forensics to write my next 2 University papers that will be due by the end of April :)
Really, is this too much to ask????

till next time, Michelle.


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