Friday, April 21, 2006

From the Garden

Idon't think i will ever get used to this camera, one minute i think i've mastered the proximity i need to stand and wether or not i need a flash, the next, it all goes out the window!!
It's Autumn downunder and in my part of the world, the temps are beginning to cool down a little. Still, 28C during the day with some tropical rain here and there, and 23C overnight, make it the perfect place to be. Many parts of Oz are experiencing their first taste of snow, afraid me and snow don't mix, been there done that, gimme a warm balmy beach anytime.
Living in this climate flowers bloom all year round. The first photo is of an orchid, sadly the photo does not do the colour justice. It's a deep red, rather uncommon as they are usually yellow. The second photo is self explanitory, and again, one would think they are cream carnations, when they are actually bright yellow. I guess the colour doesn't matter as the perfume is out of this world :o)

till next time, Michelle.


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