Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Come into my Parlour............

Well, it appears Blogger is behaving today and is willing to let me post this photo. It's been very wet here all week....very unseasonal, although welcoming. Hence, the beach has been off limits. I figure as long as this guy above is on the outside, his my friend :o)
Well, what a day. I guess it carried over from last night/afternoon. My electrician phoned and was caught up with other clients so asked to put off my house till Wednesday. I was ok with that, we're coping fine, we have lights and fans to that part of the house, it's just no power points are working.
So, it was off to the doctors in the late afternoon. As i mentioned, no one was looking forward to having a bunch of needles in their foot as much as i. Never in my life have i ever felt that debilitated. Sure, i've experienced worse pain, but certainly for not as long and it's never prevented me from achieving anything. As usual my doctor was running late.........2 hours waiting and he eventually was ready to see me!! This man has a waiting period of 6 weeks to see him..........he's that good. People drive for miles for an appointment with him. I have known him for nearly 20 years, and trust him with my life. So, after poking and proding to "make sure i get the right spots with the needles Michelle", he was finally ready. "Errrr, is this really gonna hurt me "V"?? "Yes, Michelle, it's not pleasant but i mixed in local anesthietic to ease some of the pain, just don't move your foot". Like a good little girl i did what i was told. My nails are still embedded in the side of chair! Ouch, yes it hurt after the 3 rd needle i don't think i could have stood any more. However, upon leaving the surgery my foot was back to its old self of 3 or 4 months ago! Waking this morning was another thing. The anisthetic had wore off, and my foot pain was back along with 3 new needle pain. I had promised to take "A" to see a movie and have breakfast in town. So i perservered and we had a wonderful peaceful breakfast in town, our bellies swollen we headed off to get me some much needed pain killers ( just taken one, i should be asleep in 30 mins!!!) rent some dvd's and see our movie..The Shaggy Dog.
I wished i had taken my camera with me today. We saw some fun things along the way. A sea eagle munching on a snake, a couple of leopard tanks speeding down the highway and some giant mushrooms, just to mention a few. I missed catching up on all your news so i know what i will be doing tomorrow, besides my foot needs the rest. Hope your week is going well, and you are all well :o)

till next time, Michelle.


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