Thursday, March 30, 2006

My Day

So the dawn of a new day and another year older.
I had a decet relaxing day planned, however it didn't come to fruition. Whilst watching "Prisonbreak" last night, the smoke alarm in my bedroom beeped...............charming i thought, darn thing needs a new battery, i will deal with it in the morning. Wrong!! 1am and it went haywire! I woke up, heart racing,busting to go the the bathroom,praying "A" wouldn't wake up to it. Because the damn thing is on the roof and no ladder inside, i was forced to play golf and smash it off the roof on to the floor so i could take the battery out!! All of this with the broom handle and at 1000 decibels!! I was so pleased with myself, i managed to do it no problem, i must have a good swing!!
So, as you can imagine, my day got off to a perfect start.


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