Monday, March 20, 2006

Wild About Larry

What's so special about me?
I have to ask, i need to ask, especially after the last 36 hrs the tropical Nth Queensland Coast has been through, and which many will continue to go through.........for some, forever.

As many of you are aware, Cyclone Larry, Category 5 crossed the North Qld coast at 7.30am. We were evacuated by the police and the State emergency services at 10 pm last night. Not so much due to the cyclone itself, but due to the tidal surge that was predicted on high tide. It all (the cyclone) happened so quickly, many of us are still trying digest it all. My home is fine, we're fine.........tired, emotionally battered.....but EVER SO VERY GRATEFUL, and again i ask, what makes us so special? I cry for those who have lost everything, I cry for the fear that we went through prior to it crossing the coast, and i continue to cry and feel so helpless for those whose fear must have been so much worse than my own.
We spent the night on the floor with 12 other beachside residents...dogs and cats, in my friends truck shop in town. I slept very close to the window which was floor length, i spent the whole time freezing and watching the wind and the rain gather intensity. Most homes in my town are built to Category 3 cyclone standard, this is where we, unlike those that endured Katrina, were very lucky, that and the fact that whilst my home is built above sea level, Many that suffered the wrath of Katrina were living below sea level. I believe this is why loss of life is so minimal.
My hear breaks so badly for those that were in the direct path. Words fail me when i think of what they went through.
My city was ever so lucky, our emergency services, counter disaster team kicked right in, and flowed extremely well. Probably too well....too cautious, but after all the inconvieniance, packing, moving furniture to higher ground, packing up loose misiles around the yard, making sure my car had a full tank of petrol....lots of bottled water.............we're here to speak about it.
The only criticsism i have is that of the insurance companies. No one is covered for water damage that comes from the ground up. It must come from the sky tidal surge damage is covered. In the 17 years i have lived here, it's cost nearly 20,000 in household and contents insurance. If my home would have been damaged from water coming from the ground up, you can bet your arse, i'd be the first on the roof with a chainsaw to cut a hole in the roof so i could make a claim. I'm not parting with $20,000 for an insurance company to refuse me cover...........bastards.
So now, i am leaving everything as it is, waiting for the new cyclone....Tropical Cyclone Wati, to do his or her thing. It's heading straight for us also, at a lot lesser speed. Perhaps by Thursday it may be here, i pray that if it reaches the Australian coast, it crosses in a non populated area, and with much lesser intensity.

To those of you who took time out to email me i thank you for your sweet concern, to those of you who have left comments voicing concerns, i thank you too. I thank anyone who has phoned and those of you who have taken the time out to worry for our safety, i thank you too.
Right now though we need sleep, please forgive me for not visiting your blogs, i do have every intention, when life gets a bit of normality back to it.....i look forward to doing so, in no way have i abandoned you.
take care, and see you soon :o)

till next time, Michelle.


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