Friday, March 10, 2006

Thankyou All :o)

Found this photo amongst my photos. It's been a while since i have been to Ayres Rock, infact "A" wasn't even born, so it must have been about 12 years ago. It really is an amazing place in the desert. You really can feel the spirituality and the sunrises and sunsets are just so vibrant.
I am embarassed to say, i have climbed "the Rock" however, i didn't make it to the top though.
I must thank each and every one of you for your thoughtful, kind, compassionate and caring comments. As i said, i do it because kids deserve the justice, i also learn so much from each and every one of them, and whilst the childrens families are shattered and fractured, i am willing to play a small part in pasting them back together.
I must tell you though, whilst it is very frustrating and infuriating work, it does have it's lighter moments. From the top of my head i reflect on the day a clients mother (a 16yold boy) told me how proud she was of me, the fact that i was the ugliest woman she'd ever seen, and how i can hold my head up proud by not staying inside my house!!! LOL True story!
Then there was the house call i made to a client (15yold girl), she was a lovely well mannered young girl, her mother sounded ok on the phone too (however, this family had a history of being very dysfunctional) i wanted to call on her and fill her in on the latest progress. Well, there were animals everywhere in the garden....they had tones of different animals. I was let inside and sat down, i noticed a number of different dogs in the house, cats, birds a fish tank, and a lot of kittens. I began speaking and filling the girl in on a few details. I felt something on my feet, looked down..................chickens!!! Full grown "Fog horn Leghorn" type chickens...pecking at my toes through my shoes!!! Inside the house!!! They were such nice people, i took it all in my stride, just made me smile and laugh!
Then there was the rat....remember him? The guy was a witness, having to give evidence and had the rat in his top pocket!!! Well, you know the scenario, the rat was running round the court room!
Then there's the clients who want to paid to give evidence!!! LOL, nice try!! Or they want their lunch to be paid for!!
Then there's the ones who abuse you on the phone,..."My kids are too busy to talk with you, they have a very important soical life you know and they can't fit you in, you better ring their mobile numbers and talk with them. OR "I can't talk now, i'm cooking my dinner (4pm) i'm too busy so fuck off"!!
Then there was the defendant who missed the plane and didn't turn up to give evidence. The same defendant the next day, actually caught the plane this time, got in a cab to come to court, but the taxi driver arrived on his own!! The girl had got out the cab and done a runner!! Needless to say, the judge was none too happy second time round and issued a bench warrant for her arrest! Well we finally got her, and then a psych consult was needed.......this is where i opted out of this one, it was all doing my head in!!
So you see, it's not all doom and gloom, there are some amusing incedents that make me smile.


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