Thursday, March 09, 2006

Follow Up

Well i think i have found a half an hour to post something, i have to be quick, LOST and Amazing Race are on shortly! Although, i already know what's going to happen....thanks David!
As i am sure you've all figured, work is keeping from having a blog life. The next 2 weeks will be huge, i will get there eventually. Take one day as it comes.
I just want to follow up from the post below. I am no one special, i do my job because i want to clean up the streets, i want justice for the kids and i believe i can make a small difference.
I am not brave even though many of you appear to think i am, i can assure you i am just as vulnarable as the next person. I do agree that i am strong. I have good reason to be strong. Firstly let me say, no human being deserves to be sexually abused...No One.

I have been dealing with sexually abused kids now for 3 years. As i have mentioned before, all my clients are kids. 90% of the cases are all sexual in one way or another. The other 10% invlove violence. Either kids witnessing, or experiencing violence.

I can categorically tell you 100% of my 90% of sexually abused clients come from dysfunctional families. NOT ONE case have i had, the child/children have come from what you and i call a "normal" mum and dad no criminal record.....happily married.....a few kids....stable life.
I'm not stupid enough to think sexual abuse doesn't occur in families like this.....of course it does. I can't explain why we never get kids from these families.....perhaps lower reporting.
My clients however ALL come from either a foster care environment............a de facto environment..........single mothers...............mothers and fathers abusing drugs and booze.
Step fathers, uncles and the "family friend" the most common defendants.
Many of my clients are involved in other cases.......been abused by different men......or are witnesses to others being abused.
All my colleauges have the same "profile" children................we know the common theme.

As sad as what it is to say, it is that common theme that allows me to do my job.
You see it's the parents history or current lifestyle that becomes the RISK factor for their kids.
I couldn't do the work i do if these kids came from families such as yourselves......stable loving homes. It's far less disturbing for me knowing these kids come from the revolting back ground they do. These kids are abused because mum is too busy getting her next drink screw. We have saying here, "Beware the step father".........most common defendant.
Every child deserves a loving home and a stable background. Unfortunately, none of the kids i deal with come from this lifestyle. It makes the child no less important, but it does allow me to be able to go to work with the aim that justice will prevail.

till next time, Michelle.


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