Friday, March 03, 2006

Google Sucks

Just for the record, i'm still pissed off there are not enough hours in the day ok! Why are all my cases going to trial in the next 3 weeks....huh? Crazy, not to mention losing a legal argument today.....not happy :(
OK. i'm not here to whinge about work, i'm here to whinge about Google!
I hate Google. I'm well aware that y'all probably love them...hey they are the most popular search engine.....lordy knows why. Well actually, i do know why and i am here to share my wisdom. Funny, i have hated Google for a long time, but after reading an article on how Google is making us....well that would be you all not me coz i hate them, stupid!
Firstly let me explain why i hate them. Personally, i find i can never get the exact information i am looking for from them. I also find, i never get enough information. Hence i use "DOGPILE". However, i'm usually looking for library, database,university and government agencies.....duhhhh Google knows nothing about this kind of thing. Google is about numbers and algorithims. Type "Martin Luther King" into Google and you will find as the third link, where it has been for the last five years at least. If you begin tapping the links, you will find this link is far from a true examiniation of King, but a white supremist site promoting the works of David Duke...American fascist. Google's Page Rank sucks.
Early search engines used simple keyword algorithms, ideally suited to small data sets. Spammers soon realised that they could capture traffic by secreting keywords like "cars" on their sites......most searches for "cars" on Lycos led to pornographic sites.
Counting the number of links pointing to a website was a way of ranking that sites popularity however, popularity and quality don't go hand in hand.
Google is essentially self reinforcing; the same sites get visited and because the same sites get visited, Google leave huge vistas of the web unexplored.
So people, get unstupid and do yourselves a favor...........try another search engine :)

till next time, Michelle.


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