Saturday, March 04, 2006

Pocket Money

When "A" was 4 she had discovered that baths and showers of any kind were not for her. As a result of her mother and fathers of what could only be described as stupidity, we decided we'd pay her "a gold coin" ($1 or $2) to coax her into having a bath! Ahh yes, i hear the cries of "sucker"!! from across the pond LOL. Anyhow, 6 years down the track, i am ashamed to say my of my life, STILL, is paid money to bathe!! What began as a way to coax her into having a bath without the tantrums, continued on to the years of 6 and 7, the time pocket money begins to emerge. "A" has never been given "pocket money", she's just had her bath money LOL..........god the more i read this, the more of a fool i feel LOL.....more fool me for sharing this with you!! Today sees "A" a bright 10 year old, still milking her mother for bath money on a nightly basis!
I am however going to put an end to this little rort. "A" loves the computer. She doesn't get to spend too much time on it, firstly because when she does, i limit her time and she only has a few select sites she enjoys frequenting. Sadly for "A", her mother refuses to let her use her laptop as it is specifically for work purposes only. And this desk top must be in tip top working order as i all my University bits and pieces are on here, it's also my lifeline to the rest of the world. Besides, i am sick and tired of paying mega bucks to get the damn thing fixed every 5 mins.
I'm not sure about you, but i still believe computer games, and online games are in cahoots with Bill Gates to crash the computers of the world! This is invaribly what happens when "A" gets on here, everything freezes and i have to re boot it for her.
Her favorite site is Neopets, well things on this site have decided to eat into my computer every time "A" goes there. To a point where i have had to stop her logging on there, as it makes the computer crash everytime.
So what on earth does this have to do with "A" and the bath money????
Well, this morning she asked if she could buy a computer!! Ummmm, i said, what with missy?
She has quite a bit saved...she's a good little saver, however i don't want her drawing into her bank money now. So we've come to an agreement. No more bath money, but weekly pocket money, which will be put towards a laptop of her own, and i promised to match her dollar for dollar. So now, i am in the middle of working out a list of chores for her to do to gain this money!
So now, i have to make sure this kid has a bath everyday without complaining!

till next time, Michelle.


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