Saturday, March 18, 2006

It's the Weekend!

Well, i am so glad to see the back end of this week.
Firstly, allow me to thank all of you for your kind well wishes, they mean ever so much :)
I trust you all had a happy and sucessful week, and i am ever so much looking forward to catching up on all your news :)
Remember my little cherub from a few posts back who had to give her evidence? Well, as much as her statements were brilliant, sadly nearly 2 years on she can't remember too much. So much so, we had to dismiss one case, and the other, well it will proceed, but it's not very promising.
My week was filled with many "situations". Monday saw the CCTV equipment malfunction, i'm surprised many of you didn't hear us, the microphone was so loud!
Tuesday saw me late for work. It took me 2 hrs to find a car park! I was due in court at 10 am,I arrived to work at 9am, after roaming block after block looking for a car park i phoned in at 9.45 to let them know i was here but had no where to ditch the car! Finally, i spotted a woman walking up the hill and i decided to stalk her all the way to her car, 10.45 i finally checked in with security who offered a few smart arse jibes to send me on my way.
Wednesday, saw a client give her evidence twice. The first time it didn't record! Thursday saw me with a cast of thousands for this particular case, one of the mothers obviously thought i also offered a babysitting service, took off shopping and left me holding the kid!!! Fortunately, defence counsel withdrew, leaving the bad guy without legal representation ( the defence lawyer told him to take a plea, the bad guy refused and told his lawyer to fu** off)!! So this one was adjourned to a later date!
Friday, was supposed to be green.........not where i was. Pink was the color of the day!! One of my clients turned up with pink hair...tits hanging out, and her arse crack showing.....wonderful witness for a rape case!!! Why me???? Well it's over thank god, till next time!!
I am drained and feeling my near (in 2 weeks time) 43 years :(
So my friends, i am so looking forward to hearing all your news, have missed you all :o)

till next time, Michelle.


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