Friday, March 24, 2006


Well i must be around halfway through my blogroll now, my goodness you lot have been busy,i have so much to catch up on. Everything is returning to normal here. Thankfully work has calmed down....btw do any of you speak Vietnamese? I recieved a refferal from my boss the other day and everyone speaks Vietnamese.....not one word of English! I have yet to contact the family or the police in this matter, but i need to find an interpreter fast LOL.
Help in the Cyclone ravaged parts of the north here are progressing well. Water is restored, and there has been a parade of Chinook helicopters flying past my house on their way up to Innisfail.....they are such a sight to see. I may be wrong, but the amount of help by the govt, army, and thousands of volunteers....and even banks, has been incredible. I am sure there must be parts inland still waiting on help, but from what i've seen help is not too far away.
I must tell you something funny. Those of you who are long term readers of "me", know the tempestuous relationship i have with my mother. For those of you who don't, if you dig in the archives you'll find bits and pieces. Yesterday i asked "A" to check the letter box. "Mum, there's a card here for you"'s probably an early birthday card, can i open it"?? I always let her open my cards, she gets a kick out of it as the only time she gets stuff is at birthday and xmas time....both in December! "Yes, that's fine open it and read to me" i said. So she fought with the envelope and finally opened it. I could see her reading the front, then she opened it. "Ummmm, mum, there's pictures of boobs in this's from nanna and neil"!! What?!!! "Give the card to me" i said. I read the front, it had a picture (cartoon) of a woman in a party dress and read..."On your birthday are you thinking of the days where you used to look good in anything"? then you open the card to find...a naked cartoon woman with big boobs and a clover over her fanny (we call the front bits "fanny" here) and the quotation...."that's funny so was i"...coming from a cartoon man with a big grin on his face!!!
WTF is this woman thinking, wtf is her husband thinking??..don't answer that LOL???? LOL, if it wasn't so sick and funny.....and the fact that i have come to expect the unexpected from my mother.........I could cry. This, coming from the woman who has to ask what her grand daughters name is........she only has 3 LOL. I know i should be grateful, i mean at least she and my step father remembered right? I mean normally "A" receives nothing for her birthday from them. I shall be speaking to her on the weekend.....i better thank her for the card.

For those of you interested in the Presidential Race in 2007, check this link out, it's too funny

till next time, Michelle.


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