Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Checking IN

Just quickly dropping by to thank you all for your well wishes and prayers, they've certainly helped.
We had a great nights sleep back in our own beds, rather than a concrete floor. I took the day off, i cleaned up bits and pieces, my house is filthy and i don't see the point in cleaning it if the next cyclone intends on paying us a visit. "A" went back to school, she's seen the whole ordeal as an adventure, i don't think she realises just how lucky we were. The rain hasn't stopped, more rain today than in the actual cyclone itself, a pain for all the SES workers, the Army, and countless volunteers.
I still can't believe there were no lives lost......it truly is incredible. So far 30 casualties, and from the info i could find, these injuries were not too bad. As Cathy mentioned in her comment below, the psychological damage will last for many a lifetime. For me personally, my emotions changed from frightened to death, crying but not wanting to cry in front of "A"....last thing i wanted was a scared child, to walking on eggshells whilst watching the direction of the cyclone. By the evening, a small sense of relief came over me knowing that we were not going to get a direct hit. But, worried sick about the size of the tidal surge in the morning.............would it come in the house???? Knowing insurance would not pay out if it did just made me furious......still does. Listening to the police tell me stories of people abusing them for evacuating us made me sick. Like they wanted to be out at 10pm at night in pissing down rain trying to remove people from their homes. As i mentioned, i couldn't sleep, i was freezing cold and watched the wind and rain build. The realisation of the complete devestation of my neighboring town left me shell shocked, so very very sad, speechless and very very grateful.

till next time, Michelle.


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