Sunday, March 26, 2006

No Rhyme or Reason

Childrens nursery rhymes are apparentley too violent, discriminatory,rascist and sexist for some childcare centres to tolerate. Baa baa black....ooops...rainbow sheep, have you any wool? As for snow white, she..or maybe even a he, is going solo. The seven dwarfs have been officially dropped from the title.In these days of anti discrimination and politcal correctness,century old nursery rhymes and fairytales are being re written to avoid causing offence and frightening children. Even humpty dumpty is being glued back together again.....LOL...this one i find ridiculous.
Are the changes though, enabling these characters to finally live happy ever after? Or, have they fallen foul of fanatical political correctness? The latter if you ask me, i say it's bloody insane. However in Britain it's another story. They've jumped on the politcally correct bandwagon as all childcare centres begin to make adjustments, and follow equal opportunity rules. It appears here in Oz, we're not immune to this bullshit. Although, a few centres have tried to enforce this type of behaviour, our "aussie spirited attitude" has kicked in and politely said, stick it mate! We'll continue to leave humpty broken.....the sheep black......let the bough break and the baby fall. For godsake, you have to maintain a certain intelligence when it comes to politcal correctness, this rubish is taking it to the extreme.

till next time, Michelle.


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