Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Words of Encouragement

Apologies friends for taking so long with the next post. I have been busy with University papers and submissions. Normally not that time consuming, however along the way, i guess the last 24 hours has been spent finalising my paper and encouraging others not to quit! That's right, quit! This particular subject i am studying is classed as a Philosophy subject, however it really is far from it, concentrating on the English language and critical thinking.....analysing arguments. As you may or may not know, i am an external student, the University is in my State, just a 15 hour car ride away!! There is a Uni here in my town, however the degrees i am involved with are not offered here. Anyhow, back to this subject. There must be at least 100-150 doing this subject, and we are into week 6 of 13. Many many students are struggling to grasp key elements, including yours truly. Well yesterday, there was a mass exodus. Many have dropped out. I spent ages trying to convince a few not to quit or give up University studies because of this one subject. I think i convinced them, but one has thrown in the towel sadly. I hear their frustration, i'm going through it myself. There are 4 assessment pieces, the first was an on line quiz. I told myself if i failed i would quit and wear the cost and the F....and the added 3 months on to the end having to do another subject to make up for it. I passed................just! So now this second piece is due, i pray i pass it.
I feel for those who are trying their best to grasp the concepts, many don't even understand the questions asked, let alone know the answers. I am very lucky i have a couple of great friends who are also studying (not what i am....theirs is history and politics) and they encourage me to move forward.
So friends, how about yourselves. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you're struggling to cope with something and are close to giving up? Have you had support and encouragement from friends and family to continue on? Did you give up in the end?

till next time, Michelle.


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