Monday, April 10, 2006

ISP Woes

My goodness. I have just spent/spending the most frustrating weekend in battle with my ISP,Blogger and Haloscam. The battle is still continues with Blogger and posting photos. Photobucket hate me, and refuse to let me post from there either. I will WIN, just takes time.

Yesterday i felt like i had been around the world a million times over. I fought to open blog pages, read blogs, post comments, read comments on my blog, post comments on my blog, get into my University web site and yahoo mail, and the list goes on. Frustrating!!! I finally spoke to my ISP help desk.....(of course an indian..who else when calling in Australia) and she managed to tweak a few things, but i am suspicious this has created other problems. And when i asked why this was occuring out of the blue when i had touched nothing to cause it,......LOL, i get that bloody lame excuse.."Oh it happens sometimes"......yeah right, like i fell off the turnip truck!!!

I am waiting on the electricians to call, hopefully all will be fixed by tonight. I am also off to my doctors. Finally i will get those injections in my foot. Never in my life have i looked forward to needles as i am to these. Saturday was dreadful. I spent the whole day on my feet. I took "A" to a birthday party, then went into town to do do some grocery shopping. Whilst there i had to buy easter eggs too, as "A" still believes in the easter bunny, and she has 10 days off (beginning today) for Easter break. Can't have her seeing me buy the eggs now can i?! I think this will be her last year of believing sadly :(

Tomorrow, i promised to take "A" to the movies...either Ice Age 2 or Shaggy Dog, both look funny :)

I hope you weekend was better than mine. I sound like a complaining fool on here, sorry folks, but it really was/is frustrating.

till next time, Michelle.


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