Thursday, April 13, 2006

I aint no Bunny!!

As "A" is on easter vacation, i took her to an indoor kids playground this morning for a few hours. I hate myself when she's on holiday and i have to work and study. I try to spend as much time as i can with her, still, it's difficult. I must admit, she only complains if we've been home a few days in a row, she becomes bored, who can blame her? Anyhow, she had fun and let go of some energy running and climbing over a million things. It was good for me too as i was able to have a coffee and catch up on half a weeks worth of study in 2 hours!!
I want to thank all of you for your well wishes regarding my foot, you guys are just nicest people :o) It was sore last night, however when i got up this morning, whilst a wee bit sore, it was a bit more mobile. I have been off and on it today and yes it is sore but that biting pain has subsided a bit, and i don't appear to be walking like quasimoto any more! Cross fingers the effects are beginning to take place.
Before i forget, i want to tell you about a bizarre phonecall. I checked to see if there were any messages on my phone. One was from a very polite lady, here is what she had to say....
" Hi Michelle, i am ringing to thank you so much for your generous donation to the epilepsy foundation. Your generosity and support in the past has been greatly appreciated. I know you're a busy lady, however we've not recieved the donation check as yet and i just wanted to give you a gentle reminder. Thanks so much for you're support, i look forward to receiving your check in the mail on behalf of the epilepsy foundation". Is this the new sophisticated way of the "telemarketer"???? LOL, trying to trick me into thinking i promised a donation???
Hmmmm, my names billy NOT silly!!! I didn't fall off the back of a turnip truck sista!!

till next time, Michelle.


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