Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Roach Wars

Our weather really is quite mild at the moment, cool evenings of 20C and warm days of 28C, odd since Winter is screaming down our throats. Of course this is Queensland, in States such as Melbourne and Tasmania they're arses are being frozen off as i type!!
For those of you who have been reading me for sometime, you will remember the great Cockroach War of 2005, for those of you who are new, let me explain.
Early last year "A" took great delight in putting a plastic cockroach in my bowl of cereal as it sat waiting for me to eat, after pouring into the bowl on our kitchen bench. The roach came inside a chocolate treat, it was a collectable series of bugs and critters that kids could use for school projects. Well, "A"s raucous laughter certainly outweighed my feelings of disgust after spoting it halfway down my bowl. Not to be outdone by a then 9 yold, i declared war!!! So for the next month, the roach popped up in "A"s school sandwhich! Her lunchbox, her bed, her pillowcase, school uniform pocket and the list goes on. Sadly, i did quite poorly in the originality stakes, "A" for a 9 yold, was very inventive, said roach appearing in my briefcase, my car,pantry and numerous other places. After 4 weeks of to ing and fro ing, walking on egg shells,we declared a truce, and the roach went into hibernation.............................until 2 days ago, when i spotted whilst cleaning my office!!! How could i resist tormenting an evil 10 yold? So it went into her lunchbox! Upon picking her up from school, her beaming face said it all as she swung open the car door, "Ma, you've just declared war, that bug is in my hands now, i'd be very very careful ma"!!! Well, it didn't remain in her hands for too long, this morning i opened up mobile phone pouch and there it was!!! I bet she was congratulating herself on choosing a cool place!!! So now, the roach is in my hands, revenge is sweet ;)

till next time, Michelle.


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