Friday, May 05, 2006

Friday, Yaaaaaaaaay!

Well, this week has certainly gone quick. I've been fortunate enough to catch up on some client files and phone calls from home, and the only case i had this week in court, i was able to hand it over to a colleauge. I don't get off that lightly though, i have to pick "A" from school, quickly drop her off home and race over to a clients place for an interview.
Speaking of "A", her grade 6/7 class opened their "shop" at school yesterday. It's part of their curriculum to split into groups of 3 and set up their own businesses. They are learning about marketing, share holders, banking, profit and loss etc. It was decided any profit made by the kids would go to straight to the victims of Cyclone Larry..........moreover, the school kids whose schools were affected.
"A"s group decided to make jewellery and bookmarks. Much of the jewellery supplies, "A" had here at home, she's been making items for herself and me for the last month or so. I have been buying the materials for her to make it. So all we needed to buy was card to use in the printer for the bookmarks. The 2 other girls were making jewellery too, but no bookmarks.
When i collected "A" yesterday from school the first thing i asked was, "How did you go with the shop"?? "Mum, it was soooooooooooooooo cool, we sold nearly $20 worth of stuff, and we only have one bookmark left"!!! "And, mum we have $15 in orders to make too", we did fantastic, all in our lunchtime"!! "The other groups did ok too, but i think we did the best"! So i congratulated her on her efforts. She then said, they have made $10 in profit. "Huh"?? I said, why so little"? "Well, we have to pay back "Ls" mum and grandma for the jewellery materials we used, so that really ate into our profits "she said. So i'm thinking, let me get this straight, because "A" used materials she already had and didn't have to go out and buy them, and because i bought the card and the ink, the thought of being payed back money from the profits never crossed our mind, but because the other 2 had to go out and buy the stuff, their parents want to be payed back, full well knowing the profits were going to charity? Bullshit!!!
So i then i began thinking of how much this has cost us......probably about $15. Big deal, it's going to could have been us without a roof over our heads. "So just how much do you have to pay back to the parents" i asked. "About $15 bucks mum". Man i am so pissed off, i didn't want to go on about it in front of her. But i'm thinking, geeeez, this is for the exciting to them that their making a profit, but then have to hand over two thirds to the parents, when it could all go to the charity!!!! Man that really gets up my nose. It's not like the parents need that money, they are quite well off..both parents working etc.
Ok so call me petty, or just think i am, but geeeeeeezzz, what a lousy thing for parents to do.

till next time, Michelle.


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