Thursday, April 27, 2006

Mummy Dearest

It's been a huge week for me workwise this week. Lot's of last minute cases referred to me and trying to juggle it all makes Michelle not a fun person to deal with!

Let me share with you a case that put this cow of a woman away for 8 years. It's one that would make any mothers blood boil. A few days back, the courtroom went silent as the details of a woman, a mother, pleaded guilty to help procure her own daughter for sex. The womans 15 yold daughter was forced to have sex with her mother's 35 yold boyfriend.
The woman also arranged and forced the girl to be raped several more times over a period of 15 months. The charming woman, asked the girl to have sex with her 35 yold boyfriend because he loved virgins. Of course the girl refused her mothers request, her mother then suggested that nude photos would suffice. The girl took a day off school to pose for the photos.
Of course this was not enough. To cut a long story short, the man raped the girl a couple of times, once the girls mother dragged her daughter back into the bedroom by the hair so the boyfriend could continue.
The daughter had had enough and told her mother if she forced her to have sex again, she'd take action. The mother then wrote a letter to her daughter saying please do it again, that she the mother would not take no for an answer. I will love you for this the mother said.
The daughter got wise and fled straight to a friends and called the police.

As i said, the woman was sentenced to 8 years, she'll be eligable for parole in around 3 to 4 years. The prick of a boyfriend will of course, if found guilty will receive much much longer and of course, the girl has a life sentence :(

It really makes you wonder what on earth goes through these womens heads.

till next time, Michelle.


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