Monday, April 24, 2006

Autumn Daze

Glorious Monday morning here folks. Autumn is in full swing, bright sunny morning and a projected temperature of 29C, must only be about 20C now at 8 am.
Thanks to all of you who mentioned the size of the new font. Apologies, i am endevouring to get it fixed asap. I will address your enquires about the tv commercial and castles tommorrow, i just want to get something off my chest. BIG BROTHER.
I have no idea if you in the States or Canada have the reality television show Big Brother, those of us here in Oz certainly do, as does the UK.
I always tell people i'm not a fan of reality television, however in reality i do watch a couple of shows, my favorite being The Amazing Race and i usually watch Australian and American Idol.
So, what leads me to Big Brother? This revolting piece of crap they call television is in it's 6th season now. Last year i managed to catch by chance, a few episodes and was of the opinion that they'd lifted their game and chosen one or two "decent" "intelligent" young people to put in the house. I was suitably impressed, as previous years the choice of character was the pitts.
I vowed i would not watch last nights debut of the new series but after hearing from my hairdresser and her sister about the selection process ( they went to audition but were knocked back after getting all the way to the last criteria) i wanted to see and hear with my own eyes and ears, the damn morons that were chosen to go into the house for the next 3 months. "K" my hairdresser had told me all the things they had to do to get to the final process. Basically it was silly outrages and fun stuff. When they got to the last process it was an interview. The questions asked were VERY personal, essentially the producers of the show were seeking 15 sluts, with no brains, beauty a must ( well my hairdresser is gorgeous, but because she said NO and refused to take part in any potential sleazy behaviour was given her marching orders) and perhaps half an ounce of personal pride between all 15. Well all i can say is they found there 15, and how embarrassed i am that we have pathetic creatures like that running around Oz. What a joke, and people like that wonder why they gain no respect from others? Lets look at the some of the contestents. A 19 yold with a boob job....her 36yold mother with a boob job.......a blonde bimbo who surfs all day......a number of guys who have had multiple partners and whilst dating them cheat on all of them and the rest i can't remember because i was in such a state of disgust LOL.
It doesn't stop there. In the house if you lie or upset Big Brother the contestents recieve an electric shock...a 12 volt shock. What the hell is this teaching people...........violence is ok?
Ok, i have to run otherwise i shall be late for work......but this dman show gets me so steamed up i had to write it down!
Enjoy whatever you're doing :o)

till next time, Michelle.


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