Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Hollywood, i don't think so!

Last night was a balmy 25C so seemed like a good idea idea to have dinner in town overlooking the sea and the lights of the casino. Was very peaceful and relaxing, a sensation i've not felt of late.
A few of you wanted to hear more about the commerical i appeared in. Lucky for e it was only a local one, one that aired only in my town and no where else!!
So how did i end up in a television commercial?
Friends of mine had very good friends who had a Butterfly Farm. It was a local tourist attraction in the area. Toursits could go along and grab a bite to eat and walk through the farm. It had many static displays, first of it's kind in Australia. Sadly, the owners of the place could not keep up the feed for the butterflies..........this is where i come in.
My garden is filled with hundreds of varieties of butterflies, it's very private and quiet but more importantly, my garden has vast amounts of food. Vines. Aristilochia vines and Euodia trees are all host plants for butterflies. The vines grow like weeds in my garden, so i offered to 'feed' this guy's butterflies.
Word got out about the attraction, and a souvineer shop was also installed. It became very busy. The owners decided to advertise the place in our tourist season.........Winter.
One day when i was dropping some plants off, one of the local television stations cameraman turned up with a couple of other fellows. They made the owner an offer he couldn't refuse. To shoot the commercial then and there for some dirt cheap price!!! In comes me!!
I was roped into ( ok that's not true, i love getting my face on tv) doing the commerical with the owners son and wife. The 3 of us had to make out we were walking through the display and looking at exhibts etc. LOL, i think they had to 'take' me 5 times before i got it right!! Hollywood, i don't think so!!
So there you have it, my short television career :o) i don't think i will be getting an agent!

till next time, Michelle.


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