Monday, May 01, 2006

May Day

May day here in my part of the world. Of course not all States have a public holiday celebrating the '8 hour working day' but here in Queensland we do.
So, i'm spending it catching up on my last Philosophy assignment for this particular subject, a subject where i'd much prefer to chew my own arm off than continue on, however that would be stupid, so i will perservere with the last 3 weeks :o)
Of course "A" is spending the day complaining about how bored she is, and how there is nothing to do :(
I have to thank you all for coming back. I thought that the photo below may have scared a few of you away or scarred you for life!! To the person who emailed me....NO!! It is not me LOL! For a start i'm 43, not 73. I don't smoke, so my teeth do not look like that, i have no facial piercings and my hair is long and not white.
I also wanted to address a couple of the comments about the young girl who was procured for sex by her, and i use the term loosely, mother.
My aussie readers will agree that here in Oz, sadly when a 'baddie' is sentenced, as an example to 10 years in prison, this means if they behave, they'll usually be out in 5 or 6. Whilst i could debate people on their negativity on the structure of the system, it's slowness etc, i can but agree with people when they say they are pissed off at the length served by the 'baddies'. If i could change one thing in the cjs, that would be it. If you're sentenced to 20 years by a judge.........20 years is 20 years not 12....14....20. If this actually occured, less people would be pissed off at the system.
Womens prisons and mens prisons are quite different here. You must remember too, women commit different crimes to men. LOL, this technically is another post in itself, but i will keep it short. Women commit crimes such as fraud, they shop lift and steal. It's rare to see a woman commit an armed robbery, steal a car, rob a bank or beat up their friends in a nighclub. Women commit crimes for different reasons also. The reasoning usually has something to do with their kids.....they need money to feed and and put a roof over their heads etc. Womens prisons, are not as sterile, mind you, they are no barrels of laughs either. One must remember, because of the crimes commited, women will be serving less of a sentence. Sure, there are women who commit murders, and all the other crimes that are male dominated, however in reality, its only a small percentage.
To the girl. The youg lady has 3 siblings also, all 4 are now under the wing of the Dept of Child Safety, so technically they would be fostered out to homes. They like to keep the kids together,hopefully this will be no different.
It is very difficult to establish what life will have in store for her. If she allows herself to be counselled for quite some time, then the better off she'll be. One thing you must know, this is not a 'normal' family where the mother all of a sudden went nuts. This is a family where the mother let her daughter drink at pubs when she was quite young, they were transient people,and in court whilst the mothers trial was occuring, it was not uncommon for prosecuting counsel to use the term "loser". Taking this poor kids background into account, and my experience,sadly i would predict life will not be kind to this girl.

till next time, Michelle.


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