Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Pot Pourri

Well, its a slow journey, but i am slowly making my way through the blogworld, man you guys write a lot! I guess thats half the fun of blogging :o)
Its Spring break here, so "A" has 2 weeks off school. Today we are attempting to clean her bedroom, i really am dreading this, so is she! We usually do it late November and i take a bunch of toys to a local childrens emergency shelter, looks like they'll be getting an early delivery!
So many kids movies on here at the moment. I took "A" to see Barnyard, i think next on the list is Monster House or Garfield 2. John Tucker must Die and the new Hilary Duff movies are also on the list, still debating whether these are suitable for a 10yold.
A trip to the new craft market may be on the agenda after the bedroom culling, we have to fill those empty spaces somehow!
My desktop PC is giving me grief, has been for months, i better take that in to be fixed, i think a change to ADSL is also on the cards. Sick of slumming it on dial up its driving me crazy lately, my isp is only running at 48kbps :( i can run faster than that LOL.
I need new contact lenses and glasses.......badly. I used to be able to read books, the newspaper etc without the need for glasses.........not any more.....its the age factor creeping in :(
I wish i was 15 again ( no i don't really) i could recieve $4,000 from the government every time i pop out a kid. It appears many teens are doing so, they're calling it the "Plasma Revolution". Instead of using the money on the new born baby, the teens are buying plasma televisions! A study was recently done and whilst the $4,000 incentive to re populate this fair land is being graciously accepted by women in their 20s and 30s, it is the teens who are keen to take up the cause. As a result of the study, a move to put the $4,000 into government agency hands to be handed over in small amounts at a time to the mothers is now on. Where else in the world does the govt hand over this type of cash incentive to have kids, nowhere i bet.
Finally, the words of one my kids last week keeps flooding back ito my head...after commenting to the 10yold about Playstation games, she said to me " I'd give up all my toys, if it meant more time spent with my mum".............

till next time, Michelle.


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