Monday, September 25, 2006

The Waiting Game

I guess the best thing about work for me is the view and its surroundings. Thanks so much to all of you for your support and continued friendship.
My week was a busy one as my weekend. I swear if i had the time, i'd push for a Childrens Court dedicated only to sexual matters. The average time these kids and their families wait can be up to two and a half years from date of arrest till the trial. No wonder families "spit the dummy" ( go crazy for my Canadian and American friends!!) when told to come to court only to have their matter adjourned due to a delayed psych report, or, like one kid i had this week......poor little girl, arrived at 9.30am and we still hadn't gone in by 3.30pm because the moron defence lawyer was using stalling tactics, in the end, she didn't give evidence at all, and had the matter adjourned till November! This happens all the time for various reasons. Understandable why people don't report sexual assaults, crap, i can't remember wtf i did yesterday let alone 2 years ago........why expect a 10 yold to? This is why so many "baddies" get away with it, the evidence is crap. Of course its not the kids fault, its the system.
I have a busy time ahead, i have around 17 or 18 cases between now and mid December....but for now....I'm back ;o)


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