Thursday, September 07, 2006

Revenge is Sweet!

Ioriginally had another post planned for today however after watching a segment on a local news program this morning, i decided to highlight what the segment was about. Revenge. The hosts of the shoe invited viewers to email or call in with their "Revenge" stories. I had no idea there were so many vengeful people out there, majority being women! Well, in Australia it appears to be women. Some of the stunts these women who phoned have pulled....i swear, makes me proud to be woman LOL!! From cutting out the crotch of her ex's pants, shrimp in the curtain rods, sugar in the gas tank, to the ultimate piece of revenge, and of course my favorite.....a woman had met a guy, they dated for some and he asked her to move into his home. They'd been together for 12 months when she learned he'd been having an affair. The woman did not confront her partner initially, instead,deciding to do some more investigating. The partner had to leave for a business trip in the interim, so, whilst he was away the woman moved all her gear out of the home. She came back with boxes of grass seed, sprinkled them all through the carpets of the house and frequently watered the carpet! When the ex arrived home 3 weeks later, he had a full lawn..................inside the house!!!
So, have you ever taken revenge OR been on the receiving end?

till next time, Michelle.


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