Friday, September 01, 2006

Spring has Sprung

Blimey, i nearly need blogging lessons i've been gone so long! Many thanks for your comments of support below. Those of you who emailed, i thank you too. Honestly, you really are wonderful friends, i appreciate the effort you make :o)
So, where have i been? Well, in a nutshell, caring for "A", and basically trying to wage a war on not letting myself burn out. A girls got to learn to say "NO" once in a while. Hey i probably let a few people down, but hey, i did my best to solve their dilemmas and problems or pointed them in the right direction, so its all i can do. "A" is on the road to recovery. Both of us are very tired. She had a number of days and nights where her temp was up near 41C, i spent days and nights sponging her down and making sure she drank plenty of water. Monday gone, she began a course of antibiotics, and is on her second lot as of today. Not only did she have a middle ear infection but also a head cold and bacteria infection. My doc informed me that illness for kids is rampant this year. We've escaped anything serious for the last 2 years, so i guess i can't complain. August and September are reknown for their "dreaded lurgy" tendancies here in the tropics. She'll be back at school on Monday, i have a feeling it won't be the last time she'll pick something up as she told me no other kids in her class had been ill.
Tuesday i had an exam, i was so glad to get it over with, i stuffed half of it up and did well on the other......we'll see.
Caring for "A", has made me realise that i am not the wonderwoman i think i am, or used to be ;o) Hey, i'm an Aries, can you blame me?! Seriously, this must be the first time in my life i really have had to pull back and evalute what's necessary. Prior to this, i was just taking on everything that came my way, perhaps i was much fitter then also so it didn't affect me as much. I need to get back to that fitness level, life was fast but i could cope.
After not blogging for a week, i have realised just how long i must spend on here!! Hours :o)
I only have 18 more posts and i will reach the magic 1000th post! Spring is here with avengence in my neck of the woods, same day time temps of 28C but the evenings are warming up to 17C.
I hope all of you and your loved ones are well and fighting fit, i look forward to catching up with all of you over the weekend.

till next time, Michelle.


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