Thursday, August 17, 2006

Would you be happy.............

oday i walked in on a television program that had "Phil" ( apologies i have no idea of his last name) the host from The Amazing Race. Like i said, i walked in right in the middle, but the gist of the story was, "Phil" must have had a near death experience of some kind, this moved him to write a book on motivating people to do and achieve their life long wishes before they die. He was very interesting and the audience was filled with people from all walks of life. His basic idea is that if we want something bad enough, work towards achieving or doing it. Don't be stuck in a rut feeling sorry for yourself, wanting "more" from life, or having hopes and dreams that you wish to fulfill but never do. He mentioned that when he was around 20 he'd made a list of goals he wanted to achieve, over time he "tweaked" the list, and today he still has that list but it is geared more towards helping others rather than his list at 20 which contained goals and dreams that affected himself only.
Got me to thinking about my own desires, would i be happy with what i have achieved if i keeled over sometime soon? In a nutshell..........yes, i couldn't complain. I have seen and experienced much from life, i'd like to think i have helped many people and families along the way. I really want for nothing, sure, i'd have liked to have lived better, adorned my kid with every single thing her heart desired.....that's stating the bleeding obvious! Seriously, there is really no set THING i want desperately to do or see, i have accomplished much and lived well, travelled well.
So, how about you?!

till next time, Michelle.


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