Friday, August 11, 2006

TGIF :o)

What a battle! All morning i have been fighting with Haloscan to post comments, and then Blogger to post anything! Not too sure what haloscans problems are, but the last few days i have had comments eaten by them, hopefully they will sort themselves out soon. In the meantime, i will thank all of you for your comments regarding the "one night" offered here for caravans etc. I can see it appears to be a world wide "trend" to push the envelope that bit further. Funny, most Americans i have spent time with appear to be ever so polite, extremely polite, i just couldn't imagine you lot taking advantage of a situation. Now i know ;o)
"Faith", no its not a consideration whether i stay living here or not. "Fletch" *shakes head*!, "Dave", trust you ;o), "Ellee", shall pop over soon to check out your photos, "David", ironic!
You know, i have to wonder what planet some politicians live on sometimes? The latest insane idea comes from one of our Liberal politicians. Apparently Australias truancy levels are higher than they've ever been, news to me btw. To get the kids back to school, parents on welfare (govt pensions, the dole etc) will be garnished their payments! You see, it is mostly children from single parent families that don't go to school! Their parents don't realise this because they're leaving home at 5am to catch 2 buses, and a train to start work at 7am, and of course they don't arrive till 6pm, hence no idea what their kid is getting up to during this time, because they're trying to pay bills and put food on their tables. For gods sake! This has to be the most outrages thing i have ever heard of. Punishing parents by fining them, parents who can least afford to pay a fine........unbelieveable, just wtf will this achieve?

till next time, Michelle.


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