Wednesday, August 09, 2006

One means ONE!

The amount of caravans on the highway here this time of year is phenominal. Everyone from the Southern States wanting to escape Winter, heads North to my part of world for some Winter sunshine and a chance to thaw their aching weary bones.
We have a small carpark here at the beach, and a reasonably sized foreshore park area. The city council have signs erected, "Camping on the foreshore is limited to one night only.....FREE". "Caravans & Trailers, you may spend one night here, FREE, then you must move on". This time of year, none of the residents can ever get a car park becuase its full of caravans and trailers. Most times, i will walk my lazy arse instead of driving there, however on the odd occasion when i do wish to drive, it peees me off that i can't get a carpark, i then have to park in a friends driveway next door to the carpark and walk! Many occassions i will chat to the campers and trailer owners, they ask me questions about the beach, what made me leave the "City" life and move North, and they ALWAYS say that our beach is one of the last in Australia, to offer free camping. Now as i mentioned, it is for one night, and the council officers rarely police it. However, some of these people stay for a week or two! This really cheeses me off. I don't know what it is about the Australian mentality, why do we think "One night" = how ever many you like!!?? We seem to have this attitude where if something is for free, taking one more will not make a difference!! No one will care, no one will know! We just help ourselves! I remember a bus with a huge family, was parked there for a month before they were told to move on!! No wonder there are no more places in Australia that let you camp free for one night, people take advantage of the fact. I can honestly say, i dont think Americans or Canadians have this type of attitude, but us Aussies and our "She'll be right mate" attitude, man it sucks sometimes, ONE means ONE!!

till next time, Michelle.


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