Monday, August 07, 2006

Monday Musing

Ineed to apologise for my lack of posting and visiting. I have been nursing an ill family member this last week and have had no time for anything. I think they are on the road to recovery, so hopefully things won't be as manic as they have......i just need a weeks worth of uninterupted sleep :o)
Many things occupying this little brain of mine, one thing is petrol (gas). Presently, we Aussies drive into our petrol stations, put the required petrol in our cars, then go in and pay the console operator. With the insane petrol prices, many petrol stations have sucumbed to "petrol thieves"!!!, those who put petrol in their cars, and drive off without paying! Laws are looking into changing the way us Aussies pay for our petrol, they include paying the console operator first, then filling our tanks to the alotted $. I wonder what your thoughts are?

till next time, Michelle.


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