Sunday, August 20, 2006

Flotsam & Jetsam

I'm on my lap top, i promised to download music onto "A"s MP3 player for her, plus i also need to to update the virus protection on here too. Stunning Winters day, around 78dgs and a slight am i doing inside?!!
Not too much been happening round here, i have a few things occupying my brain ~~
* I had an awful dream (but i think i was was scary)about a big giant man eating snake! I was lying on my tummy and i coud feel it on my back! I forced myself to open my eyes and turn wasn't there.

* I have been asked to be guest speaker at a Child Protection Week breakfast in 2 weeks time. The cop that begged me owes me.....i hope she realises ;o)

* I have a Uni exam in 10 days, i am so unprepaired, i hope my 2 assignments will be enough to pass me on this subject coz the exam is a lost cause!

* Haloscan....still giving me messages to wait 30scs before posting comments....gggrrr...not happy.

* I have a lousy head cold and sore throat :(

* Jay Leno showed my cartoon (a few posts down ) on his show a few nights back!! How about that, he must read aussie newapapers :o)

* That weasel the cops have in custody for confessing to Jon Benet Ramseys death......didn't do it. It is a rare rare occasion that a peadophile will ever admit guilt, or, that they've done anything wrong.

* I watched a comedy show, similar to your Sat night Live the other night. Much talk in Oz has been about airport security.Our main airports are pretty secure, however the local airports apparently are lacking in a lot of security....still. To prove this, 2 comedians had tickets in the name of "AL Kyder" & "Terri Rist", they asked the reception to page them!! The camera showed the girl paging them ( by now i was laughing so hard i couldn't breathe!!)...after a few times, she realised what she was saying!! They then went to board the one questioned their identity!!


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