Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I Wonder.....

If you have ever shared a similar problem as i have? Perhaps i am being way too sensitive, move on, forgive and forget. It's like this teeny spot in my head that always chips away, perhaps not every day, but frequently.

If someone i loved came to me and confessed their sadness and hurt over *things* ( issues, incidents, words) that i had committed over a period of time that affected them, i would be embarrassed and devastated, sick even. That would be my honest response to them. Of course i would apologise, and do my best to explain why i did those things/said those things.

Why is it, that my mother, scoffs at suggestion that she had done many things throughout my life ( i now realise, that she will never change, its who she is) that hurt me? These things, are the very reason i we don't have a close relationship, something that appears not to bother her, but something as a mother, i can't just can't fathom. Ahh well, her loss. But is it? How can it be when it doesn't bother her but only bothers me?

till next time, Michelle.


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