Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sunny Sunday

Recycled "Bubbles" photo from last year, one of my favorites!!

Well i'm slowly making my way around the blog world. Geeez Louise, i could only wish to have half the social life as many of you! Still, i am enjoying every minute catching up on all your news.

I have just finished catching up on 'Rhapsody's' news, and one of her posts related to something i found quite amusing. Supposedly, that sociopath that lied about killing JonBenet Ramsey has said he wants Johnny Depp to play him in a movie!! Now if this isn't a waste of good talent i dunno what is!

So this begs the question, if a movie were to be made about you and your life, who would you want to star as YOU?!!

I haven't put too much thought into it, but Kirstie Alley comes to mind when i think about who would play me. Basically because i think she's pretty sassy and there is a bit of resemblence also.

till next time, Michelle.


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