Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A New Day

Sunset in the NT

So my friends, a new day begins. Congratulations must go to Dale Roe who organised the Bloggers Tribute to 9/11. After fixing my Yahoo mail account that crashed because of so many mass emails sent by fellow bloggers asking to view their tributes, i was able to do just that. I didn't get to read as many as i would have liked, still i managed to read many. The compassion and consideration shown by many astounds me as does the commraderie between so many bloggers to make this work......truly amazing, a day that the world should never forget. I now look at firefighters and police in a different light.

So, i am back to normal blogging duties and i have to ask...."What the hell is Jericho"?? For the last 6 weeks one of our tv stations has been continually advertising "Jericho"....all we see is a static screen with the words..."What if Jericho"?....coming soon! Now i know all the new series are beginning on USA tv,maybe a few of you can fill me in on this Jericho before it completely does my head in.

till next time, Michelle.


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