Sunday, June 17, 2007

Fishing for Spiders

Saturday is the day one day of the week where i do all my grocery shopping. "A" and myself have some bonding time over a leisurely breakfast at our favorite coffee shop, browse the stores at the mall, and then race around the supermarket to buy our weekly supplies. Yesterday was exactly like any other Saturday, however by the end of our mall experience we both had sore rib cages, and i was thanking god i had only had one child because my pelvic floor would never have stood for what i put if through!!

Coming out of the supermarket we walked towards the escalator to go down to the underground car park. There was a number of people gathered around a fellow dressed in a clown suit holding a fishing line. The "clown" dangled the fishing line over the edge of the fence. A large hairy spider was attached to where "bait" normally would have been. "A" and myself stood on the escalator that took us down to the car park. The "clown" lowered the fishing line with spider attached in front of people heading from the carpark, going into the mall!!!!

OMG, i guess you had to be there to witness the expressions on peoples faces. It was the funniest thing we'd ever seen. "A" and i were doubled over. As soon as a new person came in, the clown lowered the spider in front of them LOL. I have never seen peoples hands move so quickly to brush away a fake spider LOL. People jumped, screamed............and some who were obviously void of a sense of humor, stood expressionless.

Not "A" and myself though, we couldn't get enough. If it hadn't been for my grocery items that required refridgeration, we'd have stood watching all day long!!


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